Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The wave is done... For now

Arguably, the funniest rapper / monotone singer in the game, MAX B a.k.a Wavy crockett, has been found guilty of 9 out of 11 counts, in the botched robbery that left one man dead. The whole setup reads like a damn movie:

Im not gone front, dude had it, pause (just in case), and of course, nuff waves... hahaha

//Denz its been ages

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


All I knew that came out from Seattle is Kurt Cobain...
But hey!...This opened my eyes even more..

Dope video, dope song..

Slim Shady...

Guess who is back... yes, you guessed it Marshall is back, alot of people dont like the "new" Eminem,with the voice and all...However, the question thats been floating around, is if he fell off or not..
hmmmm, well he proved (to me that question) when I seen this..
wait until 2:45 min mark...murda

Deep, synical and dark raps... just how I like em...wounder where he gets the inspiration from??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes !...Finally....

It's looking like the Heroes are back...just seen the New Raekwon joint...crazy..
And its sounding the way its suppose to sound...Rae first out, Ghost second with that ill shot and Meth on the hook and a 3rd verse, what !!!
My Heroes...

weak video though, comparing it to the song..can it be when it was all so simple ?
I have to throw in this other joint that came out a while ago..
The Pete Rock produced banger of the new Red & Meth Blackout 2 album...I'v been bumpin this joint for a good minute now..

Like I said, my heroes are back !!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

you still gotta give it too the X

The BX Don..Mr Don Cartagena, even though he on some other shit these days. However you have to give it up to him, for having a ill catalog.
So here he is preforming with one of the best, if not the best off all time Big Pun, in Miami 1998...
Peep the track line up...
1. Big Pun & Fat Joe - Twins
2. Fat Joe - Who shot ya (remix verse)
3. Big Pun & Cuban Link - Off The Books
4. Fat Joe - Flow joe

Link is from Nahright, which officially is my second home now...
//Don Leche Luchiano

still believe in it...

Gun Rap is kinda played out, since I even seen Uncle Murda do a girly-girl song with Ray J on the hook..
But Im still a firm believer of Gun Rap...So here go some new Gun Talk..
Domination- Not 4 Play

How many times did you die in that song... I fuck's with the beat though (pause)...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best one out...

Here goes Drizzy's Frestyle @ Flex show on Hot 97

He is the best one out this year...
// Milk